Why Marketing Matters?

Marketing Matters

May 15, 2017

Listen and listen clearly.  If you do not market yourself, you will not grow!  On the contrary, if you do not market yourself properly, you could  hurt your brand and eventually make it obsolete.  Your marketing matters more than you may know, and you will only realize this when things are slowing down or your counterparts are growing faster because they are constantly marketing.  However, smart marketing takes research, understanding and, in many cases, experience.

When I first got into the game, I knew it would always be a challenge to discover new ways to create a marketable brand.  Not only for our company, but also for all of our clients.  But because everyone is so uniquely different, we found ways to market to a particular personality, appearance, identity, action, character, style, preference and even hobby.  If you combine these essential traits with local demographics and characteristics of a city or community, you have now created a spectrum of possibilities.  From all these possibilities, you only need one that fits.


Why does this matter?  Most of it is psychological.  In some ways it's like replaying the last song you heard over and over again in your head subconsciously.  In other ways, it's just a reminder, "if you need this, you know where to go or who to ask".  So you come up with a cool idea and people like it.  You brand yourself, put your face on billboards, maybe do some commercials and even buy a new luxurious car to reflect success and the brand you've created.  Then you go to listing presentation and you provide your potential client with a MLS sheet you printed at the office that the client can't even read.  Meanwhile, your counterpart who does not have all the billboards, is not on all the bus benches, has never been on TV and drives a pretty modest car provides a listing presentation brochure along with other marketing products that exceed the client's expectations of your counterpart, while lowering the client's expectations of you.


We want you to leave a lasting impression on your customers.  We know marketing matters and we want to prove that to you so you can prove it to your potential clients.  So how do you leave a lasting impression?  You get marketing that works...marketing that matters!



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